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We are always looking for experienced leaflet distributors to work with Flash Leaflet Delivery. If you are looking for an excellent part time income combined with a way of keeping fit which you actually get paid for rather than paying a gym then leaflet distribution work could be for you.

We offer our clients a top quality, reliable service therefore, before you will be considered to be part of our team, there are certain criteria that you must meet:

  • You must be disciplined – Often we will have committed to deadlines when undertaking a contract for a leaflet distribution client, therefore you must be the type of person who does exactly what they say they will do. It is not good enough to deliver leaflets for us when you feel like it. You need to deliver them when you have told us you will and stick to it. The work our leaflet distributors do is flexible, but not so flexible that they can deliver leaflets weeks after we asked them to because they had other things to do.
  • You must be organised. You will have to provide reports detailing where you have delivered leaflets to for our clients. This requires you to wear a GPS tracking device as well as mark a map as you go and return it to us.
  • You must have enough available time to carry out the distribution which you say you will carry out. We often have people who apply to work with us as part time self employed leaflet distributors who already have full time jobs. We are always extremely reluctant to even consider applications from these applicants. We have taken these people on in the past and found that more often than not they don’t last very long. Why?, because after a long day at work very few people want to start walking around with leaflets leaving just the weekend to deliver. Again, when the weekend comes there are often far better things to do than deliver leaflets and what if it rains on the weekend? When will you deliver then? Even the applicants who only want to deliver to a thousand households per week often struggle because they simply do not have the discipline after a day at work to get out there and do their deliveries. That said, we do have a few distributors who have surprised us and do have full time jobs and work with us and have done so for a long time. In the main though, if we were recruiting for an area and had a choice between someone who had a part time job and wanted to work as a distributor and someone who already had a full time job we would probably look to trial the person who had a part time job over the full time person.
  • You must have your own transport. To enable you to Pick up/Drop off the leaflets and to get to the areas which need to be covered.
  • You must be honest and reliable. We carry out back-checks but it certainly makes all of our jobs easier if you are an honest, reliable distributor who we can count on to carry out our distribution contracts. Please note that failure to do the job exactly as asked can and will lead to dismissal and with holding of wages. We are paying you to do a job, If you fail do it you will not get paid.

If you meet all of the criteria above then please do apply to be a self employed leaflet distributor with Flash Leaflet Delivery. We look forward to considering your application.

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